Emergency Tree Removal

in Spring, TX

24-Hour Emergency Tree Service

Do not hesitate to call J Team Tree Service, 24 hours a day, if you suspect a tree is in need of emergency service or removal. Our well-trained, safety-conscious crews can handle any tree removal quickly and efficiently. Windstorms, hail, or heavy rain can bring tree branches or an entire tree down on a residence or commercial building. Hidden decay or a lightning strike can cause a tree to split in two. We are fast and reliable tree experts who can help in any tree emergency situation.

What to Do in an Emergency

If trees are on power lines or you see or smell smoke, call 911 first. For trees that are blocking the driveway or road on your property, call J Team Tree Service to remove the trees quickly and efficiently. We have the equipment and experience to remove dangerous trees while keeping your property safe. Even after a storm, our professional experts can save many trees that seem beyond repair. We can evaluate your damaged trees, assess their condition, and make recommendations for restoration or removal.