Land Clearing for Development, Trails, Hunting & Farming

Land Clearing for development, trails, hunting and farming should be handled by expert professionals, and you can count on J Team Tree Services to do even the biggest jobs on your land or acreage quickly and thoroughly. 

We are located in Spring, TX and provide land and lot clearing services for The Greater Houston metro area and beyond. Oftentimes we utilize a form of land clearing called forestry mulching to clear the land while also creating usable, eco-friendly organic mulch.

Land Clearing for Spring, TX and Beyond

The J Team Tree Services team of land clearing experts has the equipment, experience and skills to get the job done correctly. Our land clearing services in Spring, TX involve the removal of trees, forestry, bushes, plants, bushes, shrubbery, and any other obstructions which need to be removed during the land or lot clearing service.

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Commercial Tree Services in Spring, TX

J Team Tree Services can handle all your commercial tree service needs, and no job is too big. A landscaped yard or business park handled by the expert professionals at The J Team Tree Services can drastically improve the look and feel of your property. 

Maintaining acreage is integral to the life and health of both residential and commercial property, and failure to keep up with tree care services can lead to disease, rotting, property damage, and higher expenses down the road.

Professional Tree Removal & Trimming

J Team Tree Services will provide a solution catered specifically to your land, no matter the size or type of acreage. We are ready to bring your Spring, TX, tree service needs to reality, so call us today!

Commercial Land & Tree Services in Spring, TX

Serving the community since 2016, we are your experts for tree removal and trimming, stump removal and stump grinding, lot clearing, land services, and forestry mulching. J Team Tree Services offers expert, professional high-quality services, years of experience, and stunning results. We can even help with emergency tree removal in the event of downed or compromised trees. Our team services all of the Greater Houston metro area and beyond. Call the experts at J Team Tree Services today!

Tree Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Tree removal is considered a last resort; however, there are circumstances when it is absolutely necessary. The arborists at J Team Tree Services can help decide whether or not a tree should be removed, and our expert professionals have the equipment and skills to safely remove trees. Removal should be considered if the tree is dead or dying, and we can help determine that; is hazardous to your property; is causing an obstruction; is crowding or harming other trees; should be replaced by another specimen of tree; and must be removed for new construction. Your safety and the good condition of your property is important to us; call us today if you suspect a problem with any tree on your property—we will handle it quickly and professionally.
There are important tree services that can be done year round, and J Team Tree Services can guide you through seasonal tree care. In summer, when trees are in their growing season, it is easier to determine the health of the tree and do trimming. When trees are dormant, November through March, it is the optimal time for the health of the tree to do heavier pruning. Fewer leaves on the trees during these months mean better visibility for our arborists and trimmers, and healthier trees on your property.
Stump grinding, or stump removal, is performed by a specialized machine and a professional operator to completely remove the tree stump and the roots. J Team Tree Services can perform this procedure on the same day as tree removal or other commercial tree service. Stump grinding or removal prevents sinkholes, creates healthy, usable mulch for your property, and ensures that the stump is removed completely, including portions and roots below ground.
Yes, J Team Tree Services can clear your entire acreage or development site, no matter the size, and remove all overgrowth from your lot, decluttering your commercial property and eliminating the places where rodents tend to hide and nest. We grind the material on your property, creating a mixture of mulch and sawdust, which can be used as a soil enhancement for your acreage, or clear it completely to prepare it for development.