Right of Way Clearing

in Spring, TX

Right of Way Clearing in Spring, TX

The J Team Tree Service provides right-of-way and land clearing services to Spring, TX and surrounding areas. If you own a right-of-way strip of land around power lines, we can provide the right-of-way clearing maintenance services you need. We can trim or remove trees, brush, or weeds, as well as cut, mow, and spray for vegetation control. Ensure that your right-of-way land is safe, tidy, and attractive.

Let Us Help Clear Your Land

Need to clear your land in Spring, TX or a surrounding area? We can do the job. We’ll provide land clearing services to remove unwanted brush, weeds, trees, and other landscape obstructions. Your landscape will transform from an undeveloped property to a site that is ready for development or any other purpose you desire.

The J Team Tree Service can transform your landscape or clear your right of way. We’ve cleared land for right of way in Spring, TX since 2016! Call today for a Free Quote!

Why Hire a “Right of Way” Clearing Expert?

Trees and branches that grow into the power lines can cause outages. Tree and brush clearing can help reduce the number and length of outages.
Emergency repairs can be completed faster and the length of outages reduced. 
Tree branches can cause blinking lights or momentary outages during heavy winds when they come in contact with power lines.
Trimming tree limbs close to high-voltage power lines pose a serious danger. A tree removal expert should always be called. 

If you have tree branches that are within 10 feet of an overhead power line or have concerns that a tree could fall on active lines, please call the J Team Tree Service at 832-235-9745 to assist with “right of way” land clearing services.